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Robert Pattinson in Italian Elle

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Article made by Giovanna Grassi

Here is the translation from the google tool; italian til english and swedish... I don't really get it, my head went spinning trying to figure it out so I hope you can get some sort of context from it. Some parts are blurry but...

Preview, events, lectures, meetings with the changing world 

Everywhere, Robert Pattinson, blue eyes and blond hair streaked from bad boy, is to welcome signs that said: "Rob Robbed you our hearts": Rob you stole our hearts. And ill heart of teenanger around the world and the vampire Edward Cullen. Robert is the new Romeo, mysterious aspect and area as a boy to know that surprises. it matters little that in the new film, New Moon, he is no longer the absolute protoganista. the real man behind the vampire dark, loves music and composes songs. He has his own band, he studied art, and architecture fanatic, who loves the theater (dreams of a Hamlet), reader next to the classics. also interprets films courageous, independent productions as Unbound Captives of Madeleine Stowe, a dramatic story with a Western setting and there is talk of him as the protagonist of a new book by Bel Ami Guy de Maupassant. 

What has this success changed your life? 

"Many things, but not the substance. There is so much dark romance in Twilight, the relationship with Bell is a first love and first love is always tortuous and difficult. And Edward who gave substance to this summa of emotions, not me . 

Why did you choose acting? 

"I wanted to be independent. I started as a model, pointing to the theater, the British television has given me the first successes. They said I was the new Jude Law, who was more fascinating than Orlando Bloom: Nonsense. I never noticed my physical appearance are not haunted by the image. But I like to pose for photo shoots if designed as a story. " 

What are your interests? 

"The music. He plays piano and guitar, I love Mozart and the most unknown band hip hop, rock and jazz. Playing is therapeutic, the piano is my best friend. Then the picture: I like to remember moments, paezaggi aimed . The theater and reading. I had not read the books of Meyer, I found them interesting. But my preference is something else. Harold Pinter. Conan Doyle that kept me great company. Agatha Christie, the authors Celtic. George Orwell. Russians are fascinated day, dreaming of a long journey across Russia to rittrovare many things I read. I like to travel. I love to stay for hours in a bar in Madrid to watch the people or to loiter in maccina oldest towns in France. The discovery of the Member unit was important. Chicago, which is almost European, and Portland-a wonderful city-are much more "America" in New York and Los Angeles. " 

How you spend the money? 

"I spend little to me, I like to give gifts to my family, my sisters and friends. I buy CDs, DVDs, books, soft sweaters and plane tickets. I have the sense of money, do not forget when they deliver newspapers for ten pounds week. 

How are your relations with the girls? 

"Having two sisters helped me but I have a form of congenital shyness with the opposite sex. I've never going steady. I consider myself a single taken more of my guitars and women. I do not like aggressive girls, I am interested in those creative, complicated. I have many friends and I hate being blamed for a girlfriend every time I go out with them to eat a pizza. " 

What is Hollywood for you? 

"The first time I went to Los Angeles, I thought that really existed, it was just a word, a neighborhood. Then I realized that this is a perfectly oiled, where everything is planned, even gossip. Was Hollywood give me a false identity as Cedric in Harry Potter and Edward. My mother mocks me a lot about these false identities. I have a funny relationship with her. It helped me in adolescence, you know me stablilitá. It goes with me in fast food " . 

With whom would you work? 

"With the Coens, Paul Thomas Anderson and Todd Solondz. American cinema in the spirit of independent filmmakers because they know and what I prefer to distance themselves from business. Life is not 'and a business. We can not forget the fight for the environment to intergrate the minority ... Leonardo DiCaprio and model, and a nice person. Let me tell you this of me, not that I am a charming vampire. vampirization only music I like. My life is different, This bracket is only due to the fact that I heard I was chosen and not another. my girls, is only cinema. 

Due out November issue 2009

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