Monday, October 26, 2009

Robert Pattinson Talks About Music

Robert Pattinson talks about music and trying to keep as dull and not interesting as possible. I think Rob would do just fine with an album but I don't think we will see that anytime soon. :) For now all we have is the Twilight soundtrack to get us through!

As he told the Australian newspaper theDaily Telegraph, he one days wants to kick off a concert tour, though he's not as excited about actually releasing an album. "I'm not particularly interested in releasing it, but I'd like to do some gigs," he said. "I guess the only way to do that is to get an album out."

As Twilighters know well, Pattinson plays the guitar and piano and recorded a number of songs for the "Twilight" soundtrack (though only one, "Never Think," eventually was included on the disc). Pattinson also played a struggling singer/songwriter in the indie film "How to Be," which made its TV debut last spring.

But before he hits the road with a live act, Pattinson thinks he has to devote more time to improving his guitar skills. "I never manage more than five chords," he laughed. "I have to work on that."

One thing he's attempted to work on as well, Pattinson told the Telegraph, is creating an image of himself that is less interesting to paparazzi and that might allow him to retain a sense of privacy. "None of my strategies works particularly well," he admitted. "I've [tried] making my life look as boring as possible because I thought it would cause them to lose interest, but it didn't.

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