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Rob's Interview With Hola TV

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Wonderful Remember Me Wallpaper

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Extended Version of Rob Surprising Laura Culpepper on MTV

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Empire Outtakes of Rob and Kristen 2008

New Interview With Rob Vikend (Slovenia)

The interview is from Vikend's(Slovenia) Nov 28th issue

Robert Pattinson, New Moon

Sexiest Man?
I'm not even a Man yet!

Los Angeles is full of covers of Robert Pattinson, 23 year old Londoner who became a new sex symbol practically overnight. After closed screening of New Noon, the sequel of phenomenon Twilight, we met Robert and co-star Kristen Stewart at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills. Every step we were followed by their personal PR people and by people from agency that organized interviews. And we were warned: "No personal questions. We are here to promote the movie." Okay. Anyway, we asked Robert about OK magazine, the actual cover was about their breakup, he smiled and said: "Gossip doesn't affect my career..." We can tell you, dear female fans, Robert is not as pale as Edward and his lips are not that red either.

How many girls asked you to bite their neck today?
(laughter) I have to disappoint you. I'm surrounded by bodyguards at all times and they practically carry me in and out, so I have almost no idea what is going on outside.

How do you handle instant fame, media interest and fan pressure?
Sometimes it is unpleasant, all those interviews, army of fans, magazine covers... At the beginning it was nerve wrecking, I tried to hide, but why bother? I have no intention to hate my life. I try to accommodate as much as I could.

Can you walk the street without being stampeded by an army of female fans?
Not really. Well, I don't even have time. I work a lot these days and I don't know what is happening in real world, I'm spending all my time on movie sets or hotels or on airplanes anyway. Big cities surprise me sometimes. Recently I've been in Tokyo and I went for a walk and no one recognized me and it was strange, since I was the only white person on the street...

Maybe all white people seem alike to them.... (Gozde: a touchdown by the interviewer :))
(laughter) Maybe. But it was a great experience, opposite to New York where I was making a movie recently. I had eight bodyguards there and they were walking along me on my way from trailer to movie set, but one day there was such a crowd that we had to actually run away - they were pulling me around, pushing, it was a mess. We had to hire additional ten body guards so I went to work every day surrounded by eighteen enormous guys. That was surrealistic.

Are you afraid of all the craziness around you?
Hysteric masses of people can be scary. I think everyone would feel bad in a situation where you have no control, where you can't do anything to calm the situation. People in this kind of situations are in a state of kind of hysteric hypnotic madness. Einstein was right when he said that human civilization is the most dangerous when it moves in masses.

As a teenager, were you never obsessed with a star?
I don't remember being obsessed, but I remember the huge impact the movie One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest had on me. I started to dress like Jack Nicholson and I started to mimic him and it lasted some time. But I wasn't crazy over him or sat in front of his house.

Were you ever in love with an actress?
Maybe.... I don't know... I always liked Patricia Arquette, I think I was in love with her as a teenager, she wasn't very inspiring (laughter). Hm, it looks like I was a little lost as a teenager as well (laughter)....

Your parents are probably very proud of you?
Very! And they are a little surprised by my reaction to my success, I don't experience it as they are. They are impressed by it, everything is so fantastic to them, mom reads everything about me (laughter). I still think that everything is a lucky coincidence. I never wanted to be famous, I didn't plan big things in my life, so everything is strange to me. I still adapt and still think what to do with everything.(Gozde: Hi Mama P. :))

Mom believes everything she reads about you?
Unfortunately yes! She blindly believes everything she reads, even the bad stuff. When I try to explain her it's the tabloid magazines' imagination, she says: I know you, I know what you are like! (laughter)!

So she doesn't believe you and Kristen Stewart aren't a couple?
Like the rest of the world doesn't... (laughter) Well, I explained her that! (Gozde: Oh man! Now I wanna know!*stumps foot* I hate when other people know something I don't. To be a fly on the wall when he explained her "that" :))

So we can't ask you about this ?
You can, but the answer will be the same as it was at the beginning of the conversation.
Are you and Kristen good friends?
Very, but only that! (laughter) As a team we are very close, because we are together all the time, making movies one after another. We are of the same age and we think alike, so we encounter the fame that happened to us together.(Gozde: Uhoh...let the fighting begin. Analyze this sentence to the last drop of your blood :)) #DebateTillYouDie :)

Are you worried that the role of Edward will always follow you as a shadow in your acting carer?
Not really. Anyway, it's too late to think about it after I signed for four movies of the series.(Gozde: yeah he did say 4 movies! Wooohooo! :)) It's normal that the audience see me as Edward, they watch me in this role all the time. I have to be patient, I make other movies too and I believe audience will see me as a different person. If they will see me as Edward in twenty years, it's possible I'll have to murder someone (laughter)!

So, you don't regret accepting that role?
There are good and bad sides of everything. Of course I don't regret it, but everything isn't perfect either. If no one knows who you are, it is difficult to land a role and it sucks because you feel like a loser. When you become someone, everyone expects a miracle from you, big roles, big movies, big hits, and it is not easy because it is a big responsibility, big pressure. It's always the best to be in the middle.

What can we expect from the third movie, Eclipse, you wrapped that movie?
Yes, recently, we are preparing for the fourth part. Expect more characters, more interaction among main characters, relation between Edward and Jacob, fighting for Bella's affection is
accentuated. There is a war between vampires and humans, there will be more action, the movie will be a spectacle.

During making movies you probably don't have enough time for music, which is a big passion of yours; you've written two songs for Twilight?
Yes, I put music aside for a while. Acting and music are important for me, but it's difficult to do both of them simultaneously. I try and play some music or write new songs during movie breaks. I'll try to record something later this year....

Is this the announcement of your record?
I don't know... Maybe (laughter).

Well, girls will go crazy if you become a rocker!
That's true! Women love rock stars! (laughter)

What's necessary for a woman to impress you?
Money! there's never enough of it! (laughter)

Besides that?
A lot of patience! (Gozde: I have the patience of a saint and I'll try to make more money from now on ;))

I'm not the easiest person. I'm stubborn and I don't like people to tell me what to do; if people order me around I become irritable and evil.(Gozde: Typical Taurus :))

Describe a perfect date....
Uffff..... I don't know, I'm not very good in dating as dating is understood in America.

What do you mean?
In England, having a date means going out with your boyfriend or a girlfriend. Here in America, everybody goes on a date as if it is nothing special. "I went out with three guys this week..." Yes, you are a whore then, right? (laughter)

You know, you are being compared to Leonardo Di Caprio?
So stupid! It's not fair to him, my god, he was an Oscar nominee when he was eleven years old! (Di Caprio was nominated for an Oscar at twenty for the first time , author's remark)

What about being called the sexiest man alive?
That's even more ridiculous, I'm not even a real man yet!

Stjepan Hundić

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Mafia Rob Done Right: Good Times Monday

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New Photo of Rob with Galaxie Magazine (Malaysia)

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Video of Rob at Madrid Photocall

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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Rob Talks Stripping and Car Crashes

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Quebec Magazine Scans-Rob and New Moon


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Spain's Interview with Rob

Courtey of RPLife

Questions translated - by pinkvintage

1.- You once said that if there was ever a fight between Edward and Jacob, Edward would be the winner. Could Robert also win over Taylor?
2.- There's something that intrigues me, if Jacob is in love with Bella, and he's also really hot, why do you think Bella doesn't like him? Could it be because he doesn't own a Volvo?
3.- Could you tell us how do you deal with going out on the streets and running into a lot of girls who are screaming how hot you are? Do you sign autographs for all of them or do you just run out of there screaming 'Jumanji!!!' 
4.- Yesterday I was watching some interviews on YouTube and I found one that happened during the Teen Choice Awards in which Kristen was asked where you were. She said that you were probably in the bathroom looking in the mirror and playing with your hair. Do you really spend that much time on your hair?
5.- Could you tell us a funny anecdote that happened during the filming of the movie?
6.- A couple of hours ago I was live tweeting all of what was going on during the press conference. Aren't you interested in sharing your thoughts with your fans through Twitter or Facebook? The Jonas Bros, who were here yesterday, are already doing it.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Great Video of Robert Pattinson LA NM Premiere

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German Magazines Feature Robert Pattinson



Jolie Magazine

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Hilarious Breaking Dawn Footage

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Twilight Cast Talks About Eclipse

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Entertainment Mag Team Edward Cover

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Bruce Weber VF Outtakes (Part 3)