Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Jeff Buckley and Rob: What Do You Think?

I picked this article to post because it was, by far, the most open and honest when it comes to being objective about Robert Pattinson. It's clear that Rob has vocal range and a beautiful voice (said author below needs to be on the receiving end to Rob's vocal tracks) just as Jeff Buckley belted out. Sad that Jeff died so suddenly and too young at the age of 30, but Rob has the same achingly want in his voice that makes you want to give him whatever he desires. This biopic will be huge and I hope to see Rob consider this seriously, but with his schedule who knows? Rob does what his heart tells him and let's hope his heart is speaking very loud and clear.

I have no clue if Rob is even considering this, passed on, or was even approached about the subject. This could open up a whole other door for fans and skeptics who still think Robert Pattinson is just another pretty face. Here's hoping..


A Biopic of Jeff Buckley’s life was announced in 2006 but has been kept under wraps since then. Initially Buckley’s mother, Mary Guibert, had refused proposals of a biopic but reconsidered and hand picked a team to work with. Michelle Sy, producer of the J.M Barrie biopic Finding Neverland, was Guibert’s first pick along with young director Brian Jun (Steel City), who was selected to write a script which was expected in the Fall of ‘06. Since this initial team was put together there have been some revisions, Jun has been replaced by screenwriter Ryan Jaffe (The Rocker) and IMDB is speculating a 2010 release for Mystery White Boy.

But screw all thatlet’s talk about what really matters – Who should play Jeff Buckley? The names that have been dropped so far are Jared LetoJames FrancoJames Marsden and Robert Pattinson. We all know that Leto can sing but he’s not really known for his ability to jump octaves like Buckley could. James Franco looks surprisingly like Buckley but who knows if he can sing. I don’t know much about James Marsden and I can’t go along with Robert Pattinson simply because he was in Twilight. It will probably end up being easier for Sy to find a multiple octave singer and teaching them to act rather then find an actor and teach them to sing like Buckley.

Biopics are a delicate area, especially when the film is about a revered person that most people believe to have contributed something great to society. No one wants to see a movie depicting the life of someone they admire just to find out that they abused their spouse or children, were secretly addicted to drugs or were racists. We love our heros and even more than that we love the pedestals that we have built for them to stand on and hate to see them come crashing down. Everyone you know has demons, the rich and famous, doubly so. But exploiting those demons for dramatic affect, especially to do with Buckley, would not end well for Sy. Luckily I don’t believe that Guibert would let that happen. It appears that she has a pretty close eye on this one.

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