Saturday, November 14, 2009

New Interview in Argentina (Cannes)

Translation by Twilightpoison

Edward has a much smaller role in New Moon. How much was this changed for the movie?
It didn’t change that much. Or maybe it did. There’s a sort of new image of me that Bella sees, or creates. You’d think she went mad. She thinks she has visions. I’m not really that much in those scenes. Those scenes are mixed with memories of her, and fantasies.

The tension for preserving the virginity is a very important subject in the saga.
In many ways it is. I think this was done because Stephenie loves that kind of tension; having an unfullfilled desire the whole time, that’s the best kind of love. Makes everything more dramatic, romantic, tragic. People can see it in many different ways.

But how do you see it?
I always try to find the best in everything. Edward is a very human character, and I’m like him in many ways. He doubts himself a lot. But he wants to do the right thing. He’s a normal guy, he makes mistakes. And it’s funny how fans see him as a perfect guy. He’s not; he’s a jealous person. But he does try to be a good person while following his heart.

Why did you prefer to be an actor and not a musician? Or do you think you can be a musician as well?
I think in many ways you can do both, but it’s very hard to follow both careers seriously. And to be honest, I wasn’t very interested in making money with music. I make music for therapeutic reasons. But music can help acting, timing wise. You become less shy. It’s like when you’re with people, there’s a barrier. You feel naked. I think that helps.

Robert shares with us that he’s writing music for a movie.

“Yes I wrote music. I’m writing music for a movie, but it’s just the music. I won’t be singing in it”.

Will you ever write music for any of the Twilight films? (score)
The music I’m writing is for a movie that it might never get made.

What’s your favorite instrument to play? What you’re instrument of choice when you’re composing new music?
I play the guitar a lot because you cn’t take a piano everyhere (mimics the movements and laughs). I like the feeling that I get, I love it. But I played the piano before I played the guitar. I’m starting to play a lot again. It’s always nice to play again. I love Van Morrison and all that 70’s music.

You travel all over the world, that must take time for you to do the things you like to do. Does it bother you much, or how much are you willing to take?
I don’t mind the commercial aspect. I must say, if I could do the same things I’m doing right now without having anyone know who I am, I’d love it. When you’re very famous, you can’t lead a normal life anymore and that’s scary. You might not be able to relate to normal things again. You can’t walk into a building, you can’t sit down for coffee anymore and find inspiration to do things. People asking for my autograph, I can’t relate to that. That’s not interesting; it’s annoying. And it’s very scary to think that you’ve lost any normal life you had. I’m still new at this, but you know what? The fans love Edward, not me.

I read somewhere that you love Jack Nicholson and that he’s you role model.
Yes, in a weird way. It has to do with the decisions he made in his career. It’s strange, but I don’t think there’s another actor as coherent as he is. And with the same quality of work.

Is there any younger actors that you like?
Romain Duris. And Val Kilmer.

You’re the most talked about person on the internet, do you read what people say about you?
I did it for a few months, but I’m done with that.

It’s easy to become obsessed with it. ‘I have to change’. When everything starts, that’s what you think ‘I have to change’. Why? It’s so stupid. A bad article can really get to you. And if you keep looking…

Did you travel with friends? Did you bring anyone to Cannes?
No, I’m here by myself.

Where do you live right now?
Nowhere. I’ve been working for the past year and half. I have no home, or anything.

Do you feel like establishing somewhere? Buying a house, maybe in LA?
It doesn’t make sense, I don’t go there very often. I’m maybe there one week at a time, stay in hotels. But it would be nice to have a place wher I can out down all my things.

A place to call your home? Or just a place where you can leave all your things?
I have a lot of books, but I don’t care very much for other posessions. I only have suitcases in my hotel rooms.


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