Friday, November 6, 2009

Retracing Robert's Steps in Italy

Want to retrace you favorite Twilight stars' footsteps, sleep where they sat, eat where they ate? Well some fans are doing just that by traveling to Italy where parts of Twilight Saga: New Moon was filmed. The Envelope is reporting the details of fans who have traveled far and wide to do just so:

Twilight' fans retrace Edward and Bella's Italian steps: Volterra or Montepulciano?

Thanks to "The Twilight Saga," Volterra, Italy, is having its day in the sun, so to speak.
Twilight fans are swarming this small Tuscan city to retrace the lovers Bella (Kristen Stewart) and Edward's (Robert Pattinson's) steps.
In one of the most romantic moments in "New Moon," Bella races through the town to push her suicidal vampire lover into the shadows so he won't break bloodsucker laws and be killed by the Volturi vamps.

USA Today reports that Twilight freaks are exploring the walled city, hitting souvenir shops for calendars, mugs and T-shirts bearing photos Robert Pattinson.
But before you book your trip, there's a catch.

Keep reading to see a fan video of Volterra and find where the scenes were REALLY filmed!
The main site is the Piazza dei Priori, the town square anchored by a clock tower where the undead Volturi live, for lack of a better word.

The Volterra tourism office sells a themed map of the city and even introduced a "New Moon" weekend package that includes a walking tour -- "Hot on the Trail of Edward and Bella."
But here's the kicker. In reality, while the scenes in the book are set in Volterra, the actual movie was not filmed there. Producers picked Montepulciano, which looks a lot like Volterra, but is less than 100 miles southeast, for the shoot.

Now the tourism battle is on and USA Today reports that Volterra is spending more on promotion that sleepy Montepulciano.

Volterra reportedly sent a team of colorfully dressed flag throwers to the Rome Film Festival, walking the red carpet behind the “Moon” actors.


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