Saturday, November 21, 2009

Robert Pattinson Romances Uma Thurman in Bel Ami?

According to MTV, and they say they are for real this time, Uma Thurman has been cast as Robert's leading lady in his upcoming movie Bel Ami. According to the article Kristin Scott Thomas is also signed on. Bel Ami should start shooting next year and it's one of the anticipated movies for Rob to show off his acting chops. Here's what MTV has to say:

Robert Pattinson Gets A Leading Lady For 'Bel Ami' (For Real This Time!): Uma Thurman

Uma Thurman is set to star in the upcoming flick with Robert Pattinson ,"Bel Ami.," according to The Hollywood Reporter. In what seems like a unique pairing, the story is set in the 1890’s centering on George Duroy (Robert), a struggling journalist who came from rags to riches to be one of the most successful men in Paris. Uma Thurman takes her place as the wife of Duroy’s friend. She helps George along his journey to success and later backstabs his friend and marries Duroy. Ouch.

We previously reported that Nicole Kidman was signed on for the part, but then we learned that wasn't the case. Sorry Crushers, we can’t always get it right! Nicole, however was in the running at one point, as she recently told MTV News, "I was [in talks for it], and we couldn't work out the dates."

I personally like the choice of Uma better, she seems like a better match for Rob and they may have more on-screen chemistry. Uma tends to play the protagonist role well as evidenced by "Kill Bill," "Paycheck" and "Pulp Fiction." Nicole is more suited for villainous roles as evidenced by movies such as "The Golden Compass" and "Eyes Wide Shut."

The odd part of both the 42-year-old Nicole and 39-year-old Uma playing the love interest is they have almost 20 years on Rob. Edward Cullen into cougars, who knew? This takes me back to Uma’s 2006 film "Prime," where she played a 37-year-old who fell for a 23-year-old guy. Sounds a lot like Rob, huh?

Kristin Scott Thomas has also signed on for the film, playing a socialite who falls for Rob's character. With all the women around him, RPattz looks to be big pimpin’ in this movie, for sure. The movie is scheduled to start shooting next year in Paris.

What do you think of Uma's casting?


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