Friday, December 11, 2009

Irish Independent Talks About Rob and "New" Talent

Hollywood's rapidly ageing leading men could finally be in for a quieter life as the answer to every movie-mogul's prayer arrives in the shape of a handsome vampire.

Johnny, Brad and George have had a long and richly rewarding run at the box office.

But the holy trinity of Hollywood leading men is really beginning to show its age (Brad Pitt turns 46 on December 18;Johnny Depp is already 46; and George Clooney 48).

The major studios are now looking to Robert Pattinson, currently putting a bite into the box office with the latest movie from the Twilight vampire saga, to lead the next generation of bankable heart-throbs.

The 23-year-old English star of New Moon is having a dramatic effect on young women and movie executives alike. Pattinson is being talked up as the leader of the next generation of male stars with the talent and appeal to carry a major movie.

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