Tuesday, December 1, 2009

USA Today's Celeb Heat Index:Rob at #2


1. Angelina Jolie:  746
Who needs a film opening or humanitarian mission? Upcoming roles, just the hint of scandal and a Brangelina book (out this week) by Hollywood biographer Ian Halperin create powerful heat.

2. Robert Pattinson: 601 
The blockbuster opening of his latest film, The Twilight Saga: New Moon, has the star outshining all other male contenders to land near the top of the index for November.

3. Kristen Stewart: 560 
The actress rises with the New Moon hype as her every move with co-star Pattinson is charted.

4. Brad Pitt: 435
See No. 1.

5. Katie Holmes: 417
The actress is filming The Romantics in New York, but tabloids suggest her marriage to Tom Cruise is anything but.

6. Taylor Lautner: 355
The werewolf in New Moon creates a stir with his relationship with country singer Taylor Swift.

7. Jennifer Aniston: 353
The actress makes news when she is romantically linked to someone; she makes news when she is not.

8. Tom Cruise:  240
He is filming the action comedy Knight & Day in Boston while his wife hangs out with The Romantics in New York. Between shoots, they are followed by paparazzi everywhere.

9. Kourtney Kardashian:  212 
The oldest Kardashian sister is the pregnant celeb of the month.

10. Britney Spears: 210 
The pop singer is on tour in Australia, and everybody wants to know if agent Jason Trawick is The One.


Top actress: Angelina Jolie | Runner-up:  Kristen Stewart
Personal relationships keep these two actresses on the list.

Top actor:  Robert Pattinson | Runner-up:  Brad Pitt
Star of one vampire movie (New Moon) switches places this month with star of another (1994's Interview With the Vampire).

Top reality star:  Kourtney Kardashian | Runner-up:  Kendra Wilkinson
Pregnant reality TV stars are hot?

Courtesy of USAToday via RobPattzNews

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