Wednesday, August 26, 2009


No. Vampires are very much in style right now. Look at Twilight. For me, it was the blatant symbolism of a female cannibal. Ever since Hall & Oates wrote “Maneater” we’ve had this idea of a beautiful woman preying on the souls of men. 

We read on your Twitter that you were at a party with Robert Pattinson from Twilight and didn’t recognize him. 

Awww. I’m old. [Laughs.] That anecdote was merely meant to illustrate the fact that I am out of touch. He’s a beautiful man and I would certainly recognize him now. 

So what happened? 

He wouldn’t remember this happening. I honestly just went up and borrowed a light from him and I couldn’t understand why there was this vibration in the crowd like, You’re talking to him! I thought, You mean that guy with the cigarettes? Aw, this sounds terrible. You know what I love about Twitter is the spontaneity, like you can share an anecdote like you would with your friends—but then there’s always the risk that this brilliant, beautiful man is going to think I’m a douchebag. 

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