Tuesday, August 25, 2009


The Things He Makes Us Do

When you run your fingers through your hair
We think things most women wouldn't dare
When you flash us that perfect grin
You don't want to know what then begins
When you stare us down with bedroom eyes
We confess to you our sins and lies
When you let out that charming chuckle
More than our shoes start to unbuckle
When you left a few buttons undone
That alone started a lot of fun
When your gorgeous voice sings any song
We know with you is where we belong
When you show your butt that's not quite there
Our eyes can do nothing but just stare
When you say no one wants to date you
We throw our hands up and scream "I do!"
When you bite your lip or suck a straw
All we can do is watch you in awe 
When your voice proves that you are a Brit
We spend days Twittering about it
When you wear that worn out Stoli shirt
In a good way, our hearts start to hurt
When you show up with a book in hand
We vote all other men to be banned
When you make flannel and plaid look hot
Husbands and boyfriends? Oops! We forgot!
When you lick your all-too-perfect lips
There are many beats that our hearts skip
Dearest Robert, if only you knew
All the crazy things you make us do

MANY THANKS TO @TWIJONAS3!! She worked so hard on this poem and was so generous to let me post. :))


Blogger CorrinaT said...

Girl! Thank you for posting for @Twijonas3! I knew you two would be able to work together! Robinites rule! LOL

August 25, 2009 at 6:23 PM  

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