Monday, August 31, 2009

RANDOM PICS OF ROB: No sense just pretty

Since we don't have new pics of His Robness everyday anymore since the start of Eclipse filming I thought it would be lovely to find photos of Rob that aren't necessarily popular. Or basically ones I've never really seen before.. Is that even possible?! Sadly... yes. Rob on set of Remember Me: A rainy day bless the heavens. A wet Rob = a happy blogger... 
Obviously a pic with the now infamous buzz cut and it still didn't tame the smexiness that is Rob
I thought this one was funny. Did he purposely come out of his trailer waving "Heeeeeeeey" ? 
I don't know where His Robness is at here but I'm glad someone took the time to have a photog moment.
Just a close up from another teen mag that we have all seen before... But remember when I said it was a close up?


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