Thursday, November 5, 2009

Gossip Cop on Rob and Kristen's Appearance Rumors

“’Twilight’ duo, Robert PattinsonKristen Stewart, stay apart to squash romance rumors,” was the headline of a piece in the New York Daily News’ Gatecrasher column.

The article then went on to say, that in order to quiet talk of them being a couple, Pattinson and Stewart “are keeping a safe distance while promoting their ‘Twilight’ sequel, ‘New Moon.’”

The paper even has an alleged “insider” say, “They’ve requested to do press separately for the movie… to avoid being seen together. Any time they’re photographed in the same place, the rumor mill just starts all over again.”

Picking up on that story, Perez “too-busy-blocking-Gossip-Cop-on-Twitter-to-fact-check”Hilton writes Pattinson and Stewart “won’t be in the same city again until they come to the Big Apple for back-to-back appearances on the ‘Today Show’ on Nov. 18.”

A couple of things: One, neither Hilton nor anyone else would know about the “Today Show” bookings had it not be for Gossip Cop.

Two, is he freakin’ serious?! “They won’t be in the same city again until… November 18”? Uh,the premiere in Los Angeles is on November 16 — two days before — and they’re BOTH going.

But why stop there?

The Gatecrasher column and “Cop Blocker” Hilton must have simply forgotten that Pattinson and Stewart will be together on November 6 when they tape “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

And that’s right, they’ll also be together in Paris for a promotional appearance on November 10.

And oh yeah, the following day they’ll be together for an event in London.

So other than those three dates…

No wait, Pattinson and Stewart will be together on November 12 in Madrid.

Nor should you forget about their event together in Munich on November 14.

Just to recap then… so unless you count their appearances together in Los Angeles, Paris, London, Madrid, Munich and then again in Los Angles – that’s correct, they “They won’t be in the same city again until… November 18.”

Maybe Gatecrasher and “Cop Blocker” should consider a profession where accuracy isn’t so important.

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