Saturday, November 14, 2009

Mark Morton's Take on New Moon Score

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The darker elements deftly rode a line between drama and horror, while refusing to ever plunge headlong into terror. “Humans are Predators Too” is a perfect example of this juxtaposition. Taken out of context of the film, Twilight: The Score sounded like a very dark, ambient post-rock album – something that would probably make Brian Eno proud. It was a very dense, ominous score that weighed heavily on your mind and soul as you listen to it.

However, right from the intro track to New Moon, it is immediately apparent that Desplat is going in a different direction than Burwell, which is expected from such a renowned talent. Desplat, having a greater range of instruments at his disposal, transforms the Twilight saga into a luxurious, ballroom-styled epic – using precise instrumentation to represent characters, invoke particular emotions, and literally place you into this fantasy world. It is really his way of showing that the Twilight realm is much bigger than Bella’s and Edward’s immediate situation.

*This is clearly a "studio" movie score and I love it.. Enjoy the visions of Edward while you sit back and enjoy this fabulous music.  Sometimes this is just as important as the acting...

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